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Not Your Average 50’s Housewife

Cat Cora and Johnny Iuzinni

Photographing in a television studio is like working in a war zone. Your results will be determined by the situation on the ground at the time of the operation.

Recently, I was on the set of the Food Network photographing Cat Cora and Johnny Iuzzini. I was told I would have 30 minutes to set up and shoot. That’s a tight schedule for a soup to nuts (pardon the pun) photo shoot. My client requested 2 variations of the duo cooking together on set, and hoped for a few more situations if time permitted.

At the studio I was greeted with the words, “we’re running late today”. That’s a Hollywood producer’s way of saying hello. She did have some good news though.  I would have an extra half hour on set. I can shoot just about anything given an hour.

Racing your way through a shot list doesn’t always make the best pictures. In situations like this thinking on your feet is critical. When I asked Johnny to hold a rolling pin for one of my “must have” shots, his response was, “What am I a 50’s housewife?”  So, you have to adapt. I brought a case full of props anticipating this type of problem. He found something he liked.

Letting people be themselves ultimately makes the best shots. Johnny pouring dry ice on the set and Cat fixing her hair weren’t concepts on my shot list but they were honest moments. When you have a crowd of stage hands constantly asking, “When are you going to be done?” honest moments are a gift you gladly take.

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