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Real World Parenting

Dad calming crying infant daughter.

I felt like a reality show cameraman as I photographed three families for a slide show on parenting. Each shoot lasted about 14 hours. I was never more than a few feet away from my subjects. When mom was feeding her baby I was hovering over her with my camera.  As her child napped in the crib I was shooting though the bars. Dad was never out of my sight as he tried to comfort his inconsolable child.

My assignment was to capture the highs and lows of being a parent. Here a few of my observations of the families I photographed.

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Mother breast feeds her infant early in the morning.Dad holds the newborn while mom receives baby gifts.Mom and dad play with their infant son at home.Dad holds the newborn infant. Mom recieves gifts from a family friend at home.


I Want My Mama!

Baby ExamThe only thing worse than a visit to dentist’s office is a visit to the doctor’s office. No one likes being examined, poked, or prodded.

Recently, I had an assignment to shoot a series of wellness exams. The photos were supposed to be content babies being examined.  As the shoot progressed, I couldn’t help but notice some of the most interesting photos were the outtakes.

For this shoot I had 3 pediatricians on set. They did their best to gently perform the exams, but these babies they don’t play fair. They squirmed, they cried, and they grimaced. Their overriding sentiment was, “Enough of this. I want my mama!”

Babies at pediatrician's office

Crying baby at doctor's office