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Silicon Valley meets Wall Street

A good photograph like a good book contains conflict. However, the conflict in a photo is visual, your eyes bounce off the conflicting elements as they explore the image. To communicate the idea of an IPO, Silicon Valley meeting Wall Street, I found using conflicting elements would be my best approach.

While planning the shoot, I decided that for each high tech item I added to the image I’d put in a corresponding Wall Street element. A cigar is offset with high tech Google Glass, a conservative suit is made new with a pixelation filter, and the model’s youthful face is framed with slicked back hair.

This photograph was turned into a visual soup of props and styling that tell the story.

Wall Street meets Silicon Valley, the IPO

Wall Street meets Silicon Valley


Something Splashy

Luka Fineisen

Recently I photographed Luka Fineisen for the cover of a European magazine. She’s a hot new German artist whose work explores how art can exist in liquid and gas forms.

I like working with artists because they bring an interesting set of parameters to a shoot. With Luka I knew my portrait would need to show her and at the same time demonstrate how liquids or solids can be seen as art. It was a fun challenge.

Prior to the shoot Luka and I spoke everyday for 2 weeks, bouncing ideas off each other. We thought about using a fog machine in new ways. We talked about covering her in paint. In the end we decided on this concept: dripping a bucket of paint into her hand and capturing the moment in midair. Because artists create work with their hands, the concept had a double meaning. It seemed fitting. The magazine loved the creativity involved and that it represented Luka’s style.

Having the concept in mind was great but the execution of the shot was another matter. I used a high-speed camera to freeze the paint in midair. My assistant, who was dripping the paint, needed perfect aim. How the paint would splatter after hitting her hand was the great unknown. I knew if all went well I would only have a few attempts to make the shot. After four drips Luka ran out of clean clothes and the set was covered in paint.

The concept worked surprisingly well. Liquid appeared solid for a brief instant. My camera captured the moment permanently. The shutter speed was 1/8000 of a second. That’s all the time this picture existed. I had my cover shot.

A photo of the set is below.

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Making a Robot

Woman Robot photo illustration

Female robot photo illustration

I shot this assignment for a story about the film, “Her”. The film directed by Spike Jonze dealt with the idea of humans and computers having relationships.

Turning this model into a robot required a lot of skills. The make up stylist was a huge help adding white make up to the model’s skin. Using a wig to make the model’s hair look too perfect made her robotic. Finishing the shot required many hours of Photoshop, adding details and enhancing the colors.

You can see the before and after pictures.

High tech looking female robot

Female robot before Photoshop